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Escargot maison $5.95
marinated in provincial herbs and garlic butter sauce.

Baked brie $5.95
young brie folded in pastry puff, baked and served with a bechamelle sauce.

Roasted bell peppers and anchovies $5.75
fresh bell pepper roasted and marinated in seasoned olive oil served with anchovies.

Saumon fume $7.95
Nova Scotia salmon served with toast and garnish.

Stuffed mushrooms $5.95
stuffed with crab meat and herb seasoning topped with lobster sauce.

Fried mozzarella $4.95
served with marinara sauce.

Fresh calamari mediteraneo $8.95
marinated in olive oil and herbs, breaded and fried, served with marinara sauce.

Greek crab sake $5.75
combination of crab, spinach, fetta cheese and herb seasoning blended together and served on a pastry shell with lobster sauce.


French onion soup. $3.95
served with toasted bread and Swiss cheese.

Creamy vegetable soup $3.50
medley of vegetables served in a cream sauce.

Minestrone toscano $3.75
fresh crisp vegetables sautéed in olive oil, garlic, basil and beef consome.

Tortelini soup $3.50
pasta sautéed in beef consome.


Mediterranian salad $4.00


Main courses are served with house salad, garlic bread, and bread of the day.*



Fettucini alfredo. $10.95
fettuccini served in rich creamy parmesan.

Pasta combination $10.95
combination of cannelloni, manicotti and pasta shell with pesto.

Ravioli st tropez $12.95
cheese ravioli, served in a sun dried tomato with baby shrimp and crab meat

Penne au saumon $12.95
penne pasta sautéed with saumon and green onions in a creamy vodka sauce topped with caviar.

Pasta of your choice $9.95
meat sauce, marinara, pesto. Garlic oil

Linguine with red or white clam sauce $12.75
fresh little neck clams sautéed in white wine garlic sauce.

Pasta pira $11.95
fresh vegetables sautéed in olive oil and garlic, basil and fresh plum tomatoes.

Lasagna bolognese $12.95
old country recipe.

Pasta au fruit de mer $16.95
shrimp, scallops, clams, and mussels steamed in a white wine sauce with garlic, fresh basil tomato and oregano.

Tortellini boscaIola $12.95
tortellini pasta blended in a lite cream sauce with fresh mushrooms and ham.


Blanc de poulet campagnard $12.95
breast of chicken stuffed with mushroom put in a pastry puff, baked and served in a mushroom sauce.

Poulet bordelaise $13.95
breast of chicken stuffed with spinach and chicken mousse, served in a red wine sauce.

Chicken marsala $12.95
breast of chicken sautéed with mushrooms and marsala wine.

Chicken florentina $12.95
breast of chicken sautéed in a lemon butter sauce, with capers. Served on a bed of spinach.


Veal PICCATA. $12.95
sautéed in a lite lemon butter and caper sauce.

Veal marsala $12.95
sautéed with mushrooms and Marsala wine.

Veal and scam.pi $13.75
sautéed with garlic and lemon butter sauce

Saltimbocca romana $13.75
veal topped with proscio1to ham and sautéed in a light white wine sauce.

Escalope de veaux nicoise $12.95
veal scallopinni, stuffed with ham and cheese, served with a creamy mushroom sauce.


rib eye provencale $17.95
blackened in provencale herbs and served on a bed of green onions.

Filet mignon forestiere $21.00
tenderloin marinated in mustard. Bread crumbs and herb seasoning, baked and sliced, served in a mustard peppercorn sauce.

Filet mignon bearnaise $21.00
8 oz. to 9 oz. Filet served on a bed of crisp onions with bearnaise sauce.

New york strip au poivre $19.95
12 oz. New York strip served in a peppercorn sauce.

Filet franscati (9 oz) $21.00
the best center cut served in a brown sauce with